Saturday, May 10th – On the way towards St Bart


We have now been navigating without mast for over 24 hours. The night was quiet, even if the swell strengthened a little. We are lulled by the engine humming in the cabins which were transformed into oven because of the impossibility to open portholes blocked by the mast lying on the deck.

This morning Romain fished a common dolphinfish (also called mahi-mahi in hawaiian). It brought life to the deck for a few hours and the girls took advantage of it to sample some flesh and the liver for later analysis in the labs.

Alexandra takes the opportunity to set up her manipulation with pollutants sensors which imposes us to be at a standstill during two hours. This is not very comfortable, the boat rolls in the swell, and some are suffering again from the seasickness. The captain, Laurent, Patrick and Romain began to repair the VHF the antenna which hung at the mast tip and thus at the mercy of waves. The operation was a success! Re are reconnected to the world of sailors on the ocean, with possibility of contacting the boats cruising in the area. It also allows us to get the AIS going again. The AIS is an automatic ships identification system. The « CROSS Antilles Guyane » is of course kept informed of our situation evolution.

We are heading towards St Barthélémy, which is still 206 milles away from us (380km) : the arrival is still planned for Sunday evening. The solidarity network of the sea is underway, we shall be expected by the staff of the port of Gustavia with a location alongside the quay.

Message on behalf of Claire to her uncle Michel: she hopes to see him on Sunday evening upon our arrival!

As for the events continuation, we will keep you informed you via the logbook!

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