Sunday, May 11th – Back on land

We reached the Antilles’ shelf during the night. At that time we passed from depths of more than 6000 meters to shallows of hundred meters which usually leads to a more important swell

We passed it around 5 am and without too many issues but with waves coming on the side of the boat. Because of our broken portholes broken due to the mast fall, cabins were transformed into real showers.

Despite this lack of comfort and the rather violent roll making us fly across the central square, the crew keeps keep the spirits up and the good mood reigns on board.

We know that in about ten hours the boat will be at anchor in Gustavia, saint Barthélémy’s capital and we will be done with the roll, the crackles and the waves coming to slam the hull creating a deafening resonance in the square.

Our movements require caution but each one of us developed new primate abilities and we all nimbly hang on to any part of the boat which can maintain us up.
Saint Barthélémy is already in sight on the horizon, the breath of a whale shows us the way! We will reach Gustavia around 7 pm.

The suite is still to be written …

The 7th Continent Crew