Tuesday, May 13th – The second departure preparation

Here we are in Guadeloupe! After 20 hours of navigation with roll we reached the beautiful coast of Guadeloupe sailing down wind.

The Guadelupian media were present upon our arrival, looking forward to knowing more about the expedition. We took up our new boat, and everybody set to work to move the mountain of equipment: scientific, equipment, sailing equipment and food for a dozen days.

We are motivated for the next phase of the mission and already ready to leave tomorrow morning. We will be leaving behind our captain Fred and Kris. Thank you Fred for all the energy you put in the expedition, we sincerely wish Guyavoile to leave quickly towards its native Guiana, sailing free!

Safe return Kris, we hope that you will be left with good memories of life at sea despite the difficulties getting used to it.

See you soon for the new marine adventure.

The 7th Continent Expedition